Userbooster for iPad

Our easy-to-use and secure LDAP client allows you to access and maintain distributed directory services.

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Userbooster for iPhone/iPad Category Business Available on the AppStore
Price $5.99
Released February 22, 2015
Version 5.0
Size 3.4 MB
Rated 4+
Requirements iOS 5.0 or later

Userbooster is an unbeatable LDAP Manager client especially for travelers. You can manage all objects stored in a LDAP repository. Userbooster offers a list of predefined queries to simplify requests as much as possible. In the detail view, you have several options to display the properties of an object. Common operations, like changing a password or unlocking an account can be performed using a convenient user interface. One of the distinguished features is that you can make a call directly using the phone number stored in an attribute. That means you have one more phone/address book out of the box.

Userbooster supports all existing LDAP standards and uses the right authentication for you automatically. Everything that depends on the attributes specific to a certain LDAP server is manageable and is presented in the editor that is aware of a given LDAP schema. A LDAP filter allows you to select objects by types and attributes. You can share your settings with other users or use them on your other devices. For security reasons LDAPS and Kerberos are supported so you can use either of both.

Major Features

  • Microsoft Active Directory, eDirectory, Unix/Linux/MacOS and any generic OpenLDAP server.
  • SSL/TLS.
  • Popular authentication mechanisms, including Kerberos.
  • Object filter.
  • Object attributes can be filtered by name or by value.
  • User, Group and Organizational Unit objects are supported explicitly for easier management.
  • Object properties can optionally be grouped by schema class names or by must-have/may-have attribute specifications.
  • Creating, deleting and editing custom objects.
  • Active Directory and generic LDAP date/time properties with all sub-fields.
  • Active Directory specific editable UAC and read-only SID properties.
  • Password editor and locking/unlocking user objects.
  • Editing the user's group membership.
  • Log viewer.
  • Same configuration file format as in Userbooster for Windows.
  • Import/export of configuration settings via email or http/https
  • Outstanding filter selection functionality
  • Making a call from the phone number stored in an attribute.
  • Restore deleted Active Directory objects.