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      Userbooster Help


      The page allows you to specify some additional export options .

      Update existing entries

      If checked, the server entry corresponding to an export entry will be modified, otherwise not.

      Resolve conflicts with existing sAMAccountNames

      If checked, the sAMAccountName attribute of an export entry will be modified to make sAMAccountName unique (if the server entry with the same sAMAccountName exists), otherwise not. The context is applicable only to add operations and to Active Directory.

      Create dependent entries

      If checked, the missing server entries will be created, otherwise not. E.g. when the parent or group of an export entry does not exist.

      Group scope

      Specifies the scope of the missing groups that are created on the server. The supported scopes: Domain local, Global and Universal.


      Goes to the previous page.


      Goes to the next page.


      Applies the changes and closes the wizard.


      Closes the wizard without applying any changes.