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      Data View

      The view allows you to view the list of children or descendants of a LDAP entry.

      The main features are as follows:

      • The view shows the children (7) or descendants of a LDAP entry (5). The entries are organized in rows and their attributes in columns.
      • Set of attributes, their sorting order and a LDAP filter compose a filtered view. You select a filtered view (3) and this choice is serialized, which allows you to have persistent views within your DITs.
      • You can customize a filtered view when you need it (4).
      • With the quick search you can find entries whose attributes contain the search string (1). This search also includes the LDAP filter conditions set in the current filtered view (3).
      • You can view and manage all other attributes of the selected entry(s) through the Properties window.
      • Additional options are available through the Search Panel (e.g.switching the scope between One level and Subtree (2)), the context menu (6) and other menus/toolbars.