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      Userbooster Help

      Views Page

      The page allows you to manage the views. Each view is described by the following parameters:


      Name of the view.


      All, Active Directory or LDAP. For example, when the selected profile is an Active Directory, you can select only the views in categories All and Active Directory.

      LDAP filter

      Search filter as it is defined in RFC2254.


      A set of attributes which appear in the grid in the main window. You can set the order of attributes and their sorting order.

      Autofit columns

      If checked, all columns fit the current width of the grid so there is no horizontal scroll in the grid, otherwise you can make any column as wide as you want and scroll the grid horizontally.


      Goes to the previous page.


      Goes to the next page.


      Applies the changes and closes the dialog.


      Closes the dialog without applying any changes.


      Applies the changes but does not close the dialog.