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      The control bar allows you to manage attributes of one or more entries selected in the Main View or in the Directory Trees control bar. The control bar consists of three parts:


      Contains the controls, with which you can configure the Grid and Details pane. You can also add attributes.


      Contains a list of attribute names and their values. When an attribute is not read-only you can edit or delete it.

      Details pane

      Shows some details about the attribute selected in the grid.


      Shows attributes categorized by object classes and sorted alphabetically by the attribute names within each category.


      Shows attributes sorted by their names.

      Show read-only attributes

      When toggled on, the read-only attributes are shown, otherwise not.

      Show operational attributes

      When toggled on, the operations attributes are shown, otherwise not.

      Add attribute

      Adds the specified attribute and highlights it.

      Toggles details pane

      When toggled on, the details pane is shown, otherwise not.