General Questions

Q: What is Userbooster?
A: Userbooster is an universal client for browsing and managing LDAP directory services like Active Directory, OpenLDAP and other LDAP directories (see Supported Directories).
Q: What are the main benefits of Userbooster?
A: The software is designed to minimize IT costs and reduce the time and effort for managing LDAP directory services. The most outstanding features include:
  • Three windows for browsing and managing LDAP entries: Directory Trees, Entries and Properties
  • The Properties window is feature-rich window for grid viewing and managing attributes. It supports merging attributes of multiple entries, which saves time when you need to modify entries in mass.
  • Attribute placeholders.
  • Exporting entries to a directory/file and importing entries from a file.
  • Running repetitive tasks through Windows Task Scheduler.

You can learn more by taking a feature tour.

Q: Which international languages does Userbooster support?
A: The user interface and help are in English and German.
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