Userbooster Light v.3.5 Released!

We are proud to announce the release of Userbooster Light v.3.5. The version introduces a number of features and improvements that makes it easier and more effective for you to perform some routine operations. With a single mouse click you can now install and uninstall a service that manages Microsoft Exchange Post Offices on remote machines. Another new feature allows you to grab a file with LDAP data (csv, ldif and xls) in the Windows Explorer, drag it into the Import view and get the relevant data appeared in the grid view of the application. This simplifies the export and import activities to the directory service.

There is also a feature that should save your time when you need to regularly import data from directory services. You configure a profile using the Profile Assistant wizard and save the profile data in a script file. That's it. Now you can close Userbooster and simply run this script in Windows Explorer or from Windows Scheduler. Userbooster will start in unattended mode and retrieve the requested data to the file you specified.

For a complete list of features, visit the Version History section. You can download or request the version from the download page.