Userbooster Light 4.0 Released!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Userbooster Light 4.0. It presents many exciting new features and improvements including greater performance and scalability, refreshed user interface, a brand new report wizard and more.

All the new changes aim to make it easier and more effective to manage heterogeneous LDAP directory services including Active Directory, LDAP and Novel.

The new version introduces a flexible and consistent way of handling objects. The objects retrieved from a server are presented either in a hierarchical tree view or a plain list view. When you access and modify the properties of a particular object, it will always be a synchronized copy of the very same object regardless of the current view. So managing objects with the two views should give you an additional amount of flexibility and productivity.

Version 4.0 brings a new level of scalability when handling tens of thousands of objects and thousands of attributes in extreme cases. This is indispensible when you need to modify one or more attributes of a great number of objects at once.

Although Userbooster Light can easily retrieve and manage high volume of objects, with the new version you can limit the volume of data by applying an object filter, an attribute filter or both. In addition to a rich set of out of the box object filters, you can create your own object and attribute filters.

The new report wizard enables you to create printable reports. You can now easily customize the two out of the box report templates or create new ones that meet your demands. Userbooster retrieves data in XML format so you can modify or create your own XSL transformations to control the layout and appearance of objects and attributes in reports.

From now on you can use Userbooster Light for managing a limited number of objects for free. You can get a special license key from this page. The use of Userbooster Light with this key is absolutely free for any commercial and non-commercial purposes for unlimited time.

For a complete list of new features and improvements, visit the Version History section. The evaluation version of Userbooster Light 4.0 is available for immediate download from our web site.