OpenLDAP for Windows v.2.4.23 With Full Unicode Support Released!

maxrc GmbH is happy to announce the first release of OpenLDAP for Windows with full Unicode support. The build is based on the latest release 2.4.23 from OpenLDAP Software.

The original package from OpenLDAP Software is ported to Windows and includes a number of changes that make OpenLDAP software Unicode-aware. These changes deal with command-line parameters, input and output streams and console input and output. Read more about this in Unicode Support in OpenLDAP for Windows.

OpenLDAP for Windows comes with an installer, which allows you to install the software with a few mouse clicks. When using OpenLDAP client tools you may also find helpful Kerberos authentication, which is available out of the box.

OpenLDAP for Windows is free for private and commercial use. You can download the package right away from this page.