Userbooster Light v.4.1 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of Userbooster Light v.4.1. The new version features multiple improvements and advancements in managing users and other objects in directory services like Active Directory, OpenLDAP and Novel. The software is now fully Unicode aware and allows you to cache different activities offline and synchronize all changes at once at a predefined time point.

Version 4.1 of Userbooster Light has just been released and available for immediate download here.

Unlike similar tools for managing directory servers, Userbooster allows you to create, modify and delete an arbitrary number of objects offline and then commit the changes to a directory server in a mouse click. Support for placeholders, unattended mode and automation of admin related tasks (e.g. creating mailboxes, manipulating NTFS rights, sending statistics through SMTP, etc.) makes Userbooster an invaluable tool for system administrators and saves time and effort when managing enterprise IT infrastructure.

The new features include:

  • Complete Unicode support.
  • Support for SSO through Kerberos and IWA.
  • Better editing of attributes of one or multiple objects.
  • Sending statistics in all common formats (XML, CSV, XLS) through SMTP.
  • Better support for placeholders when you can dynamically replace the value of an attribute with the value of another attribute or with the value of a placeholder set in the settings.
  • Improvements in unattended mode, when you can combine different tasks into a single step and synchronize the changes on a scheduled time.
  • Freeware edition.