Userbooster Light v6.1 Released!

If your organization policies require that user passwords are secured with SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512), you can now create such a password and save it to your server in one step ... more


Userbooster Light v6.0 Released!

In addition to the ability of searching directories using LDAP filters, you can now benefit from new scripting support ... more


Userbooster Light v5.2 Released!

LDAP filters are now validated so when you specify an incorrect filter, a warning tooltip indicates the error and shows you the position. In some cases (e.g. odd parentheses), the error can be corrected automatically ... more


64-bit Versions Are Now Available!

From now on you can download the installers for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions from the corresponding pages ... more


Userbooster Light v5.1 Released!

The enhanced breadcrumb control now allows you to navigate LDAP profiles and entries even when the Directory Trees control bar is closed ... more


Userbooster Light 5.0 Released!

The fully revamped report functionality allows you to email an HTML report secured with SSL/TLS to particular recipients or schedule this as a task. And that with a couple of mouse clicks. You can also export LDAP entries in different formats ... more


OpenLDAP for Windows v. Released!

... built with the latest version of OpenSSL 1.0.1j, which fixes the DTLS SRTP Bug, when a memory leak allowed remote attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) via a crafted handshake message ... more


Userbooster Light 4.8 Released!

The user interface is significantly redesigned. The report view is integrated into the Entries window. The updated entries view can now be customized by specifying a LDAP filter, attributes, sort order of attributes and autofit ... more


Userbooster Light 4.6 and iPhone/iPad Editions Released!

Userbooster is now available for iOS users, those who own iPhone and iPad. You can see the screenshots on our website and iPad) or purchase the application directly in iStore. ... more


Userbooster Light v.4.5 Released!

An updated Object Properties grid displays all or filtered attributes for one or many objects. You can filter out the attributes by read-only values and by empty values. The content representation of an attribute is defined by the schema associated with the current profile ... more


Userbooster Light v.4.1 Released!

The new version features multiple improvements and advancements including complete Unicode support, SSO through Kerberos and IWA, better editing of attributes of one or multiple objects and ... more


OpenLDAP for Windows v.2.4.23 With Full Unicode Support Released!

The original package from OpenLDAP Software is ported to Windows and includes a number of changes that make OpenLDAP software Unicode-aware ... more


Userbooster Light 4.0 Released!

It presents many exciting new features and improvements including greater performance and scalability, refreshed user interface, a brand new report wizard and more ... more


maxcrc To Introduce Software Userbooster at Gitex 2009, Dubai

German software vendor maxcrc GmbH, manufacturer of Userbooster – a leading administration software for capacity management and user management will present the latest version of its flagship product Userbooster to the audience. ... more


OpenLDAP for Windows v.2.4.18 Released!

The current version now supports the Kerberos authentication features based on the solution MIT Kerberos for Windows. The LDAP components are now ready to use in a SSO (Single Sign On) environment. ... more


OpenLDAP for Windows v.2.4.16 Released!

The current update features a new installer which takes into account the replacement of C++ libraries announced by Microsoft in bulletins MS09-034 and MS09-034. The new installer also offers the right TCP/IP ports for the slapd service depending on the underlying OS. Now you can also activate the statistics database during the installation procedure. ... more


OpenLDAP for Windows v.2.4.11 Released!

The package is based on OpenLDAP 2.4.11 and includes most of the features available on Linux. The default backend is Berkeley DB with SSL support. The package has been tested on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows Server 2003/2008 ... more


Userbooster Light v.3.5 Released!

The version introduces a number of features and improvements that makes it easier and more effective for you to perform some routine operations.With a single mouse click you can now install and uninstall a service that manages Microsoft Exchange Post Offices on remote machines ... more