Userbooster Light v.4.5 Released!

Userbooster Light v.4.5 has just been released and available for immediate download.

Unlike similar tools for managing directory servers, Userbooster allows you to create, modify and delete objects locally and then commit the changes to a directory server in a mouse click. With the new version, you can alternatively save changes instantly on-the-fly.

An updated Object Properties grid displays all or filtered attributes for one or many objects. You can filter out the attributes by read-only values and by empty values. The content representation of an attribute is defined by the schema associated with the current profile.

A set of new built-in editors in the property grid should make your work more comfortable with attributes of the following types: DateAndTime, Flags, GUID, SID, Image and Binary.

The new version provides means for creating new objects through templates: you create a template for a particular type (specified by object classes) and then you have a dialog for creating objects of that type. This provides a universal way of creating any objects supported by the schema.

Another feature that an administrator may find helpful is called Task Scheduler: LDAP reports can now be created on schedule and optionally sent out by email.

Other new features include previewing the changes made before saving them, a quick object filter, new scenarios for placeholders and much more. You can read the full list of changes with screenshots here.